Train Crew Operations

Rio Grande Pacific Transit Group is an industry leader in rail operation management and has strong experience in developing on-time, on-plan, and on-budget train crew operations. We provide exemplary services that prioritize the needs of our ridership and the Transportation Agencies that we work with. Our experienced train crews, train dispatchers, station agents, and support personnel are trained and certified in compliance with all federal and state regulations.  

We pride ourselves on continually improving the performance and efficiency of our operations using state-of-the-art technologies, such as our Railway Internet of Things RioT ™ dashboarding capabilities. Our Train Crew operations provide live On-Time-Performance data to our RioT ™ dashboard using our “TrainRun” mobile device technology.  See how we observe and coordinate on-time train performance, and track integrity in real time using our RioT ™ dashboard. 

Additionally, Rio Grande Pacific Transit provides our ridership Transit Tracking services via the SWIFTLY “Where’s My Train” app to enable passengers to see train movements in real time. Our schedules are continually optimized to ensure that our services are convenient for our ridership while maximizing the use of our operators and equipment. RGPTG works in tandem with the transportation agencies to review the train schedules, creating resilient timetables capable of recovering from delays with minimal impact on service performance. 

Rio Grande Pacific Transit boasts a strong safety record, ensuring the safest operation of the rail corridor by actively collaborating with public transport authorities and multiple local law enforcement agencies. We regularly meet with these agencies to conduct routine internal training to keep our operators qualified in compliance with all federal and state regulations.  

Our Train Crew Services include: 

  • Train crew scheduling  
  • Train dispatching  
  • Reporting & compliance  
  • Fare revenue services  
  • Flagging/Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) 

Maintenance of Equipment Over Site

Rio Grande Pacific Transit Group (RGPTG) boasts a strong reputation in Maintenance of Equipment (MoE) solutions alongside a unique partnership with Stadler USA, the new standard in the locomotive and commuter car manufacturing sector. Stadler USA has been a driving force in the Texas commuter rail sector since 2010 with the construction of Capital Metro in Austin, then again in 2012 with the A-Train for DCTA in Denton, and recently in 2019 with TexRail in Fort Worth. RGP Transit works directly with Stadler USA in the DCTA A-Train contract and provides cohesive, all-encompassing maintenance capabilities for the STADLER FLRT DMUs. With STADLER being the OEM manufacturer of the DCTA A-train DMUs, we have a direct relationship with the DMU manufacturer and can maintain the equipment with maximum efficiency. 

 RGP Transit Group prevents downtime and protects vital rolling stock equipment with our comprehensive maintenance scheduling and deployment.  RGP Transit is uniquely equipped to solve the key challenges facing the railway industry today, with the rapidly changing passenger loads, maintenance demands of fleets and infrastructure, and increasing safety and security requirements that demand innovative and technology-driven solutions.  

  RGP Transit Maintenance of Equipment Services Include:  

  •  Partnership with OEM Manufacturer allows lower lead times and cheaper costs on DMU Parts. 
  • Cohesive relationship under a singular contract between RGP Transit and STADLER USA that allows for rapid solutions to challenges that may arise. 
  • Cohesive relationship between RGP Transit and STADLER USA is brought to all our contracts. (Similar to the above bullet, pick which one sounds better) 
  •  Unparalleled Maintenance of Equipment capabilities for transit railroads operating with STADLER DMU’s. 
  • Only service provider that has partnership with Stadler in a joint venture  

Maintenance of Way

RGP Transit Group provides superior maintenance and inspection on all right of way property bringing safety to the forefront of our Maintenance of Way operations. We offer turnkey maintenance solutions for all passenger-access areas such station platforms, parking lots, and other rider facilities. Currently, RGPTG maintenance services are performed on more than 700 miles of track. Our services offered are all designed especially for transit agencies, including those with demanding operating needs and high levels of ridership. 

Our specialists provide the resources, expertise, and standard of quality necessary to build safe and effective transit systems. Trust RGP Transit for: 

  • Track & Structures 
  • Signals & Communications  
  • Stations  
  • Repair Facilities  
  • Field welding  
  • Track geometry testing  
  • Undercutting services   
  • Rail grinding   
  • PTC Operation & Maintenance  

RGTG puts the highest priorities on track maintenance and safety as we have developed and implemented best practice maintenance approach to improve the system’s life cycle. 

“What is RGPTG’s safety record like?” – With our years at DCTA we have 800+ days without a report on personal injury, we run a real safe operation.”  -Steve Welch DCTA O&M General Manager. 

Signal Engineering Solutions

RIOTECH provides a variety of custom railroad signal services from concept through final validation. Design services include highway grade crossings and railroad interlockings, route and aspect charts and control lines, as well as applications logic writing and testing for vital controllers.The staff at RIOTECH has extensive experience with grade crossings, interlockings, light rail, commuter rail, freight, and international rail.

Our team is skilled in programming:

  • VHLC
  • ElectrologiXS
  • XP4
  • Electrocod
  • Microlok
  • Microtrax
  • Genisys
  • GCP4000
  • iVPI
  • Genracode
  • Siemens S7
  • Hanning and Kahl
  • VeCom

We know what to do for your project.

Additionally, RIOTECH owns multiple VitalSim licenses for the graphical simulation of these applications.

Our engineers and technicians have decades of wide-ranging experience as railway signal engineers, CADD technicians, designers, and drafters. Our knowledgeable staff can provide factory testing, field testing, training, specification writing, and bills of materials.

Other areas of support:

  • Value Engineering
  • Estimating
  • Specification and Submittal Management and Review
  • Installation and Cut-in Support
  • Design and Programming of “Train to Wayside” Communications Systems
  • Software Management Control Plans for Compliance with FRA Rule 236.18
  • Peer Review
  • Technical Writing


Safety takes no shortcuts

Rio Grande Pacific Dispatch provides reliable, around-the-clock primary and backup rail dispatching for 11 short line and commuter railroads, a task that covers approximately 2,000 miles of main track throughout the United States.

RGP Dispatch is located adjacent to parent company Rio Grande Pacific‘s corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. The rail dispatching center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Currently, RGP Dispatch supports more than 1,100 crew starts, while typically issuing over 1,800 Track Warrants and 200 bulletins on a monthly basis.

The Power of Professionalism in Railroad Dispatching and Emergency Notification

  • Safety is our number one goal
  • Fully compliant with all applicable FRA requirements
  • Full range of dispatching services
  • Fulfillment of the Railroad Safety Improvement Act’s 24-hour crossing requirement (ENS)
  • Improved record retention including electronic record keeping
  • Help customers reduce overhead for staffing and equipment to dispatch their Railroads
  • Customized reports and metrics tailored to our customers’ needs

Capital Improvement Plan

RGP Transit works closely with transit agencies to plan and coordinate annual and future capital plans to maintain integrity of the railroad, boasting a strong corporate experience in developing improvement plans for freight, passenger, and shared corridors.  We deliver 20-year plans to preserve and enhance facility assets by ensuring the appropriate replacement of aging railroad infrastructure using a condition-based maintenance approach. Cost-effective solutions are critical for railways with an ageing asset base, where replacement expenses might accumulate.  

Additionally, we eliminate unanticipated capital expenditures with scheduled reevaluations on yearly, 3-year or 5-year basis to verify accuracy and ensure the operational performance and longevity of facility assets.  

We work hard to build a more successful operation with local management teams by identifying the most economical means of financing the agencies capital improvements and providing a level certainty for the agency regarding the location and timing of investments. 

Our Capital Improvement Services Include: 

  • 20-year capital improvement plans 
  • Corporate experience in developing transit and freight railroad plans over time. 
  • Personal relationships with local management teams 
  • Local management empowered to make their own decisions. 
  • Singularly focused on the needs of the customer  
  • Rapid adaptation to industry wide changes.  
  • Avoid unexpected delays by effectively replacing assets at the most appropriate time. 

Technology Services

RIOTECH excels in the development of individualized technology services for common railroad challenges. Our expertise in utilizing Business Intelligence (BI), software solutions, trend analysis, preventative maintenance, and real-world data solutions ensures that we provide comprehensive, cost effective technology services to our customers. Our use of advanced BI provides deep insights into rail networking and back office operations, giving railroad operators and managers the information needed to make effective business decisions.

RIOTECH additionally develops monitoring products for commuter rails, short line railroads, and class I railroads.  Data gathered from the monitoring technologies is seamlessly implemented into our RIOT business intelligence dashboards, which can display anything from train schedules, on-time performance calculators, key performance indicators, and more. RIOT dashboarding works together with custom applications to provide real time analytics of track status and loss of shunt, while monitoring the network infrastructure and devices along the railway with a network presence. This process organizes information into a transparent, user-friendly system that contributes to a safer, more efficient railroad.

Our team strives to deliver products that allow maximum customer utility, ease-of-use, and integration with an organization’s overall business flow. We focus on individualized design solutions that address the unique goals and challenges faced by our partners in the railroad industry.