Technology Services and Advanced Analytics


RIOTECH excels in the development of individualized technology services for common railroad challenges. Our expertise in utilizing Business Intelligence (BI), software solutions, trend analysis, preventative maintenance, and real-world data solutions ensures that we provide comprehensive, cost effective technology services to our customers. Our use of advanced BI provides deep insights into rail networking and back office operations, giving railroad operators and managers the information needed to make effective business decisions.

RIOTECH additionally develops monitoring products for commuter rails, short line railroads, and class I railroads.  Data gathered from the monitoring technologies is seamlessly implemented into our RIOT business intelligence dashboards, which can display anything from train schedules, on-time performance calculators, key performance indicators, and more. RIOT dashboarding works together with custom applications to provide real time analytics of track status and loss of shunt, while monitoring the network infrastructure and devices along the railway with a network presence. This process organizes information into a transparent, user-friendly system that contributes to a safer, more efficient railroad.

Our team strives to deliver products that allow maximum customer utility, ease-of-use, and integration with an organization’s overall business flow. We focus on individualized design solutions that address the unique goals and challenges faced by our partners in the railroad industry.


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