Real Time Monitoring and Incident Mitigation


As track circuits are an integral component to railway signalling systems, maintaining their performance is a necessity for the safety and efficiency of the rail network. In different regions throughout the country, rail loss-of-shunt (LOS) conditions exist. By monitoring the many different types of track circuits, we can detect and report upon issues with shunting viability. 

RIOTECH ‘s Track Circuit Monitoring (TCM) systems reliably identify track anomalies and will issue alerts allowing railway operators to perform maintenance and mitigate potential incidents before a failure can occur. Track anomalies involve train vehicle LOS, degrading track conditions, and contamination on the rail line. TCM systems can be implemented to avoid breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs by identifying the sections of track that need to be operated on.

Our sensors will monitor the energy levels at the track circuit receiver and send real-time data to a Central Monitoring System (CMS) where it is analyzed using specialized software with preset multiband alarm levels to detect when the operating characteristics of a track circuit begin to deteriorate. When deterioration occurs, an alert is sent to designated users, allowing necessary actions to be taken for incident mitigation. These monitoring systems can also provide trend analysis, report generation and historical performance statistics.

Current systems being monitored include Electricode, Microtrax, AC highway rail grade crossing frequencies, and other traditional track circuits. While not necessarily a hardware solution, we have equipment nodes throughout the system which can also provide additional monitoring and alignment. With our Track Circuit Monitoring devices, RIOTECH leverages innovative technologies to improve asset reliability, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and contribute to the safety and efficiency of your railways.


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