Nebraska Central Railroad’s PTC Implementation

The Nebraska Central Railroad receives letter of recognition from the FRA for implementing Positive Train Control (PTC) and meeting the statutory mandate and FRA’s regulations by December 31,2020.

Administrator Ronald L. Batory’s letter stated, “On behalf of the FRA and myself, I want to recognize Nebraska Central Railroad Company’s significant accomplishment of fully implementing an FRA-certified and interoperable PTC system on the applicable PTC-mandated main lines where you operate as a tenant railroad.  Congratulations to you and your entire team for completing all necessary testing and achieving interoperability before the statutory deadline of December 31,2020

Together, you and the railroad industry implemented PTC technology on over 57,500 route miles throughout the country. This achievement encompasses over a decade of sustained commitment, thousands of hours of testing and deployment, innovative technological solutions, along with a tremendous amount of coordination and collaboration among nearly 100 host and tenant railroads, railroad associations, material suppliers, and service providers. Thank you for your perseverance. FRA looks forward to overseeing the further advancements to rail safety that PTC technology will enable”.