Mission and Values

It’s not enough to have a slogan or strong moral principles. Learn about RGP Transit’s mission, and how values shape business decisions.

At the core of our organization are three values that guide our actions every day. These core values are deeply ingrained principles, and they serve as our cultural cornerstones and corporate compass.


Safety – Safety is the core of our culture. It is an essential priority that acts as the foundation of trust we earn day in and day out from our partners across the nation.

We have a responsibility to the clients we work with, to the passengers who depend on us, and to the employees who maintain the line, to provide the safest environment possible.


Innovation – We choose to be not just outside the box thinkers, but beyond the box thinkers.

This isn’t going to be business as usual; our aim is to serve customers and passengers with the best we have to offer. We’ll fuse best practices with the latest technology so we can offer our partners a unique service experience tailored to meet the needs of their business. Innovation is a strategic compass.


Integrity – If safety is the foundation, integrity is the loadstone. We believe that your word is your bond and that the best business agreements are sealed with a handshake.

Honesty is a quality we prize in all of our employees. It is not enough to have strong moral principles; we must continually hold ourselves and others accountable for their actions, or inaction.