Maintenance of Way

RGP Transit Group provides crucial maintenance of way (MOW) services specifically for commuter lines and regional railroads with demanding operating requirements. In addition to track maintenance, RGP Transit offers MOW services on all right of way, track, crossings, signals and bridges, as well as passenger-populated areas to support fleet safety, accessibility, performance and dependability, and customer satisfaction. Well-trained and knowledgeable staff ensures inspections and repairs are in compliance with Federal Railroad Authority (FRA) Track Safety Standards, and a proactive, preventative maintenance approach improves overall asset management throughout the systems’ life cycle.


RGPTG currently provides maintenance of way service to the A-train, Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA)’s 22-mile commuter line. For more information please visit:

Contact Matthew Mattiza, RGP Transit’s operations services director, today to learn more about our maintenance of way solutions.