Security / Access Terms & Agreement and Request to Add or Remove UserID and Password Rail Carrier Interface

Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (RGPC) will provide each individual user at your company with a unique UserID and a temporary password to use Rail Carrier Interface, our on-line customer interface system. All UserID and password administration, including Requests for new UserIDs and Removal of UserIDs should be requested via this application. By signing up for access to Rail Carrier Interface, customer agrees to the following:

  1. Use of the system will be limited to only those individuals who have been granted a UserID and password by RGPC;
  2. Users will sign onto the system only with their own UserIDs and passwords, and will always sign off when not in use (UserIDs are granted ONLY for individuals, and hence should never be shared);
  3. If an employee is terminated or leaves the company for any reason, or if an employee’s status changes such that access is no longer required, RGPC will be contacted immediately in writing via this application so that RGPC can terminate the user’s access to Rail Carrier Interface;
  4. Failure to supply information on employee status changes exposes the customer to data security risks and all associated costs, and so may result in termination of the customer’s access to Rail Carrier Interface;
  5. Patterns in e-BOL are not BOL’s. When submitted via e-BOL the information on the BOL is ultimately the responsibility of the shipper alone.