CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services

CCTV monitoring is an essential part of conducting safety-critical operations on a railway. 
RIOTECH’s CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services are designed to support daily railway operations with ease. Our solutions seamlessly accommodate both heavy and light rail applications and can be modified to fit the individual needs of any agency and budget. Save time and money by efficiently locating recorded footage with user-friendly downloading and storage, video editing, and HD zooming capabilities. 

Our IP camera implementations can be set to immediately record and notify the proper channels when a railroad crossing is occupied after the crossing guards are lowered. We use surveillance systems with high scalability and unlimited integration possibilities to enable monitoring of any location. Meticulously implemented IP cameras protect our customers against false claims, deter vandalism and crime, and ensure passenger safety.

Benefits of our CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services include:

  • Live viewing of any location’s activity
  • Peace of mind knowing exactly what is happening on-premises
  • Substantiate or refute false claims
  • Keep records of the arrival and departures of staff, deliveries, and other work operations
  • Monitor environmental events


Business Development Contacts:

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Director of I.T.
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