Rail Operations and Maintenance Services from the Heart of Texas


Fort Worth, Texas-based RGP Transit Group provides rail operations and maintenance services. Learn more about our dispatching, S&C, MOW and technology services.


RGP Transit Group provides safe, reliable third-party rail dispatching services. We oversee more than 2,100 track miles and 13,000 crew starts each year. More.

Maintenance-of-Way (MOW)

RGP Transit Group provides crucial maintenance on all right of way, track, crossings, signals and bridges, and passenger-populated areas. Learn more.

Technology Services

RGP Transit Group delivers comprehensive technology services and support to short line and commuter railroads across the United States. These services include end-to-end infrastructure back office support, wayside network infrastructure installation and maintenance, track circuit monitoring and mitigation, and more. Read more. 

Signaling and Communication (S&C)

RGP Transit Group offers complete signaling and communication (S&C) engineering services. Find out more.